cheap, fast hard drive rescue / data recovery / undelete in the Washington, D.C. area

your files are priceless, but don't let your data be held hostage by one of the big guys who charges thousands of dollars.

Accidentally deleted important files? Did your hard drive malfunction? Computer won't boot? We can un-delete files and rescue important info from failing hard drives.

Pinpoint Data Recovery Services can help. I'm a computer programmer who's lived in the DC area my whole life. Our mission is to be honest and fair, helping people get their files back with low hassle.  If we can't recover your data, we don't charge you. And, you can always text or call the person responsible for working on your files.


Who do we help?

We've helped private investigators recover videos, photographers recover priceless shots, authors recover their drafts, accountants recover their Quickbooks files, and business owners recover their emails.  We define success as helping you be able to get back to doing what you love.

What makes us unique?

Many data recovery firms are based who knows where and offer DC addresses for drop off in an office building that doesn't bear their name.  When you finally locate the right place, there's a receptionist who can answer nothing, as they are simply a collection box.  You get a call in a few days: good news! They think they have your files.  For $10,000, they'll see if they can recover them. You're left with your files being held hostage and unsure what to do.

How's it work?
We'll look at your situation for free, and if we think we can help you, we'll provide a quote and an ETA on the recovered data.  If we can help, our fees start at $200 and rarely exceed $500 unless there is hardware repair needed.  You'll know what it will cost before we incur any charges.  We'll meet up with you on a weekend or evening and collect your drives and begin work.  You'll get your files back on a flash drive or whatever method you prefer.  

What types of devices do we work on?
PC hard drives     Mac hard drives       Laptop hard drives     Flash Drives      SD cards     Smartphones

What operating systems do we work on?

Windows     Mac      Linux     Android

Other services

  • We can also provide secure off-site backups for large amounts of data so you have a second copy if anything ever happens to your computer.

  • We can cheaply make reams of paper documents or images of text into searchable PDFs using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to help you bring your old files into the modern age and reduce clutter.